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Organizations globally have recognized the need for building dynamic, flexible business models to address the continuous change and disruption brought about by today’s hyper-competitive business climate. Focus is now on business processes as the primary driver of enterprise transformation, which goes beyond the traditional approach of incremental improvement through IT-driven initiatives. As a result, instead of packaged or custom applications that decelerate business agility, organizations are now increasingly embracing BPM methodologies powered by BPM Suites.

Gartner defines BPM as “a management discipline that treats business processes as assets that directly contribute to enterprise performance by driving operational excellence and business agility”. BPM Suites primarily allow organizations to:

  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Regulatory compliance and faster adoption of process changes
  • Improve worker productivity and
  • Business IT collaboration

Tiruven is a niche BPM service provider specializing in using Cordys & Appian BPMS to provide Services and Solutions that enable organizations develop transformative process-centric business solutions for optimizing critical business processes and deliver required business outcomes.
Based on global delivery model, backed by dedicated offshore development center at Hyderabad INDIA, Tiruven provides a compelling array of services across the complete BPM life-cycle that assist in successful and repeatable BPM projects.

BPM services from Tiruven allow organizations to:

  • Improve process quality, leading to more efficient business operations and predictable outcomes
  • Engender continuous process improvement, leading to better employee productivity
  • Reduce cost, resulting in better profit realization and greater competitiveness
  • Improve business agility, resulting in a greater ability to respond quickly to changing market conditions
BPM Service Offerings from Tiruven
  • BPM Jumpstart Workshop for Business & IT
  • Legacy Modernization using Appian & Cordys BPMS
  • Cordys& Appian Developer Boot Camp
  • “Process in a Week” using Cordys & Appian BPMS